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It is a fully clothed massage (no oil is used) and the technique consists of placing gentle but firm pressure on the body's meridian lines with the palms and thumbs, which relaxes and stretches the limbs and back. It works on the skin, muscles, organs and the skeletal structure. Blood and lymph circulation is increased and toxins are removed from the tissues. It will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated. Recommended for those who prefer a firm massage.

60 min. R 330 / 90 min. R450 / 120 min. R550


This therapy is the perfect combination between rejuvenation and relaxation. Traditional Thai techniques combined with the healing properties of Thai oil, work harmoniously to ease you back to optimum health and restore vitality. We used only 100% natural Thai oils for this unique therapy. The inhalation of the oils as well as absorption into the pore which is benefited the receiver as much as the physical muscle manipulation.

60 min. R 370 / 90 min. R 500 / 120 min. R600


Thai hot herb massage uses steamed compresses containing 14 traditional herbs which ease chronic problems like back pain, tendonitis and shoulder strain as well as increasing energy flows. Hot compresses provide the same stimulation as acupressure but have the added advantage that they can be used on areas that are just too painful to bear direct acupressure or massage. The therapist will work on sense energy lines and into tender areas with compresses to relieve any pain.

60 min. R 400 / 90 min. R 550 / 120 min. R 650


This gentle and rhythmic massage involves using essential oils on the medians of the body. Joints and muscles are stretched to release any blocked pathways or negative energy, working like reflexology for the whole body. The deep rolling and stretching movements used during this massage result in an experience that is extremely relaxing.

60 min. R 370 / 90 min. R 500 / 120 min. R 600


Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of the muscles, organs and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tensed and contracted areas such as stiff neck, back tightness, sore shoulder and tender pain. Some of the strokes are using our hands, knuckles, forearm, foot and elbow, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on the areas of tension and pain. Blood and lymph circulation is increased and toxins are removed from the tissue.

60 min. R400 / 90 min. R550 / 120min. R650


This is a truly holistic therapy that helps soothe the mind, body and soul. The movements are designed to concentrate on the back, neck and shoulders with techniques to ease muscle tension and release stiffness. You will feel awakened yet relaxed after this treatment.

30 min. R 250 / 60 min. R 350 / 90 min. R 500


An energetic stress-busting therapy which works on the muscular tissues of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face to relax or stimulate the body, helping to maintain harmony. It provides relief from mental as well as physical stress. It involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help unknown blockages and relieve built-up tension. On an emotional level it calms the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

30 min. R 250 / 60 min. R 350


Thai foot massage focuses on the feet and lower legs, putting pressure on the reflex points to open up the sense energy lines. A traditional stick is used to add to the potency of this treatment helping to reduce stiffness and improve flexibility, as well as stimulating circulation to increase immunity and aid detoxification. This foot massage can help boost general health and well being, promoting deep relaxation, improving sleep, and is extremely beneficial for stress relief.

30 min. R250 / 60 min. R350


Do you feel stressed and have an aching back, swollen ankles and legs? Then treat yourself to a massage designed specifically for pregnant women. This is carried out whilst lying on your back or side supported by suitable cushions and pillows. The therapy involves the massage of the back, legs, head, shoulders, arm and face. This massage is beneficial in easing muscles as they tighten to accommodate your growing baby, and it can also help to stretch the muscles and release tension. Skin will benefit as toxins are removed along with excess fluid, making it look clearer and healthier.

This massage is ideal for mums-to-be who are over 12 weeks pregnant.

60 min. R400 / 90 min. R550


In a four-hands massage, two therapists work on one client, often using synchronized moves. A four-hands massage can be like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Good massage therapists will use the client's body as a form of canvas onto which they choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures. There are a number of different styles of four-hand massage

60 min. R 650 / 90 min. R900


Please supply us with accurate medical information before the treatment, so that we may best meet your needs.

We offer massage treatment courses to all clients who wish to visit us regularly. The courses offer a lot of benefits - not only a healthy saving over the regular price of treatments if they had been booked individually but you can share the treatment course with family, friends and colleagues.

It does not matter whether you are wishing to book for an individual or a company - if you think massage treatment is something you would be looking for yourself or people to share with, then a massage treatment course is a great benefit.

  • Purchase 6 sessions - get 1 hour free massage
  • Purchase 10 sessions - get 2 hours free massage

Our massage courses can be used anytime and are valid up to 6 month after purchase.


"As a working parent (all parents are working parents!), I find Green Wellness's massage packages to be a cost-effective way to combat stress and maintain my health. Regular massages help to keep our whole family on an even keel, by providing one-and-a-half hours a month for Mom!"
-Catherine B. Kyalami.

"I consider massage therapy preventive medicine. For years I have had weekly or bi-weekly massages seeking only the best therapists. I have been a client of Green Wellness for six months now and am thoroughly satisfied. They are very knowledgeable and continue to improve my overall fitness. I feel fortunate to have their services."
- Barbara R. Lone Hill.

"GREAT MASSAGE: Green Wellness is the best! I arrive stressed, and leave totally relaxed and refreshed. They truly are an expert at what they do. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs deep tissue work and has tight muscles."
-Joel C. Midrand.

HEADACHE HORROR: "After 4 days of a huge headache, I knew Green Wellness would be able to release the pain and tension. I was right! After a welcomed hour of deep tissue massage, my neck and shoulders relaxed and the tight vice around my head released! I walked to my car 80% better and by bedtime I was pain free. What a good nights sleep too! I have been going to Green Wellness for 3 months now and whether it is rotator cuff strain, neck or back issues, Green Wellness is knowledgeable and successful in their treatments!"
-Nancy M. Fourways.

A SOLID MONTH OF STRESS GONE IN ONE HOUR: "It was my first professional massage. I am a power lifter and Thai yoga massage is like a training session. I felt great the next day. Comfortable room, very relaxing. I will recommend Green Wellness to everyone I know. Great attitude keep up the good work. Thank you."
-A.H. Santon.

YOUR BIRTHDAY TREAT: "I treated myself to a Thai aromatic Massage for my birthday -- first-time client. Green Wellness is excellent, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. They concentrated on my shoulders and neck and recent TMJ pain. Highly recommended!"
-Debbie S. Santon.

"I usually opt for a 90 minute massage to maximize the affects of Green Wellness's therapeutic techniques. I recently decided on a 2 hour massage and the extra half hour makes all the difference - an incredible therapeutic experience. I highly recommend a 2 hour Thai traditional massage from Green Wellness - an invigorating and stress reducing experience."
- Joel C. Sunny Hill.

"I have high blood pressure and the craniofacial massage I was the perfect remedy though I have only had a single session so far. After the session I was no longer dizzy and felt very relaxed. I used to get massage therapy regularly but it had been a few years since I had done this and having this type of session reminds me how beneficial massage therapy is for a multitude of conditions and stress."
-T. Kim. Wendy wood. "Great deep tissue massage. I went in because of stiffness and pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. Green Wellness was able to relieve my tension and work out all the knots in my shoulders.  They were friendly and customer focused."
-S.F. Kyalami.

"Green Wellness's massage technique was confident and knowledgeable and despite an intense/deep massage I was not sore and was feeling invigorated and grounded. The combination of therapies that they used flowed seamlessly to help me feel so well taken care of and in the hands of a professional that really knew their art."
-Allison P. Rivonia.

"I have had many massages, and Green Wellness is indeed one of the best. They checks in often about pressure, but is not timid about using a strong technique (my preference). They asked if anything in particular needed attention, and really did a thorough job of addressing my particular needs. This was my first visit, but I definitely plan to return."
-Andrew T. Centurion.

"With a pulled muscle in my back, soreness from painting/cleaning, stress and fatigue, I was desperate to find a good massage and hoped to find it on a holiday. I searched the internet and came upon Green Wellness's website. It seemed to be what I was looking for. While I had hoped for a good massage, I got an excellent massage. I would highly recommend Green Wellness to anyone seeking a quality massage."
-Richard P. Pretoria.